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Certificate of Conduct

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How does Certificate of Conduct work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Certificate of Conduct (VOG)

A Certificate of Conduct (VOG) is a statement that shows that your conduct in the past does not constitute an impediment to performing a specific task or job in society.

A certificate can be issued to natural persons (people) and to legal entities (companies). When someone applies for a VOG, Justis will investigate the judicial past of a natural person (NP) or legal entity (LE).

In many cases it is necessary to submit a VOG to qualify for a job. For some branches this is even (legally) mandatory.

You get a Certificate of Conduct (VOG) if the investigation shows that you have not committed punishable offences. If you have, The Justis Service will judge if these are relevant to the purpose for which the application has been submitted.

If the punishable offences found are relevant to the purpose for which the application has been submitted, and fall within the term considered, you will not receive a Certificate of Conduct (VOG).

Your employer decides how old the certificate is allowed to be. A VOG is issued on the basis of the judicial information available for the application, so this concerns a snapshot. You will receive a VOG if your conduct in the past does not constitute an impediment for the job you are about to fulfil.

You must apply for the Certificate of Conduct (VOG) yourself. You can apply to your local authorities or digitally from our online service point. We will prepare the application for you online in the database of the Ministry of Justice and Security. You will receive an e-mail about this in which you must confirm your identity, and after payment of the application costs, your application will be submitted to the screening authorities.

For your application, you need
– A valid registration in the Personal Records Database (BRP) of your municipality;
– An active DigiD to confirm you identity;

We will have your application ready at The Justis Service within one workday.

The certificate is sent to you personally, not to your employer. Did you apply for the certificate through Certificate of Conduct? Then it will be sent to your mail address as it is known to your municipality. It is not possible to issue the certificate digitally.

If you have not committed punishable offences, The Justis Service will decide within two weeks if you will receive a Certificate of Conduct (VOG). If you have been in trouble with the law, further investigation is necessary. In that case, a decision will be made within eight weeks.

The procedure concerning your application

The screening authority is The Justis Service, part of the Ministry of Justice and Security.

If it turns out that someone has been in trouble with the law, The Justis Service will use the screening profile to assess whether the punishable offences can constitute an impediment to issuing the Certificate of Conduct (VOG).  


There are screening profiles for specific professional groups, such as special investigating officer, politician, teacher or taxi driver. There is also a specific screening profile for an application for the VOG for legal entities. In addition, The Justis Service has developed a general screening profile. 

This profile is subdivided into eight risk areas:

  • Information;
  • Money;
  • Goods;
  • Services;
  • Business relations;
  • Process;
  • Steering the organization;
  • Persons.

The certificate states on the basis of what screening profiles – and any job aspects – the applicant has been assessed.

Unknown job:
As of 1 December 2013, a new screening profile has become available in which the applicant is screened in all risk areas. This profile is intended for applications in the context of recruitment of staff for whom it is not clear what job is to be fulfilled by the applicant.

You can view your own judicial data by submitting a written request to the Judicial Information Service.

The Justis Service investigates if you have committed punishable offences. If it turns out that you haven’t, The Justis Service will issue the Certificate of Conduct (VOG).

The Certificate of Conduct is only issued in Dutch, with an English addition. This English addition is not a translation into English of the certificate.

Urgency procedure

If you wish to convert your application to an urgent request, meaning delivery of your certificate within five workdays if you are of irreproachable conduct, you can let us know.

We will submit the request to The Justis Service on your behalf, to take the decision quickly; this does involve specific requirements and you must have a good reason. You can contact us about this.

If you have your application submitted by means of authorization, if you are living abroad or do not have a municipal address, we can file a request for you to take a decision quickly. You must have a good reason for this, we shall pass this on to The Justis Service.


The costs of an application for a Certificate of Conduct (VOG) are € 75.20 in total.

What does a Certificate of Conduct cost?
The costs are tied to two terms, upon application from our website you pay the costs of € 41.35; we will then prepare the application within one workday for The Justis Service; here you can confirm the application using DigiD and pay the amount of € 33.85. Your application has then been definitively sent.

The right to revocation to our services will lapse as soon as we have prepared your application for The Justis Service and you have received an e-mail about this. We have provided our service with this.

If there is an error in the application or if you have any other remark, you can contact our lawyers. We will gladly help you along.

The costs of an application for a Certificate of Conduct (VOG) without an official address, with an authorization through us are € 91.35. We will send the authorization to you and you must sign it to authorize us.

We will settle this authorization with The Justis Service on your behalf. We will do this within one workday after receipt of the application. The decision period of The Justis Service is for to eight weeks.

Legal assistance

The screening will be made on the basis of your criminal record, if you have one, so if you have been sentenced for an offence, a careful consideration will be made if you constitute any risk to carrying out the job 

How many years will The Justis Service look back?
If you have committed an offence, a certain term will be considered, which means that Justis Service will look back a number of years and make a consideration on the basis of this.

The term considered four youngsters up to the age of 23 is two years, however if it concerns a violent crime or a sexual offence, the term considered will be five years, for sexual offenders indefinitely. If you are over the age of 23, the term considered is four years.

A Certificate of Conduct (VOG) shows that you have not committed any punishable offences.

A Certificate of Conduct (VOG): in what case will it be refused?
If punishable offences were committed, this need not mean that you will not receive a Certificate of Conduct (VOG). If your conduct in the past may be an impediment to the work you intend to perform, issuing of your Certificate of Conduct (VOG) may be refused.

Who decides if your Certificate of Conduct (VOG) is refused?
If your conduct in the past constitutes a risk to the work you intend to perform, the Ministry if Justice and Security will carry out an investigation. The Ministry of Justice and Security, or The Justis Service, will investigate to what extent your conduct may be an impediment to your work. If the investigation shows that punishable offences were committed, The Justis Service will decide to what extent these punishable offences constitute a risk to the work you intend to perform. If an  investigation has to be carried out, it may be that you will have to wait longer for your Certificate of Conduct (VOG). A handling term of 8 weeks after receipt of your application is set; The Justis Service will make a decision after that.

My application for a Certificate of Conduct has been rejected; what do I do now?
If you do not receive a Certificate of Conduct (VOG), this notification – intended rejection – will be sent by The Justis Service to your home address by mail. This letter will state the reasons why you will not receive a Certificate of Conduct (VOG). As soon as you have received this letter of rejection, you can object according to the General Administrations Act. You will indicate in writing why you think that you should receive a Certificate of Conduct (VOG).

Do you want to view your data on crime and criminal justice yourself?
You can view your data on crime and criminal justice by submitting a written request to the front office of the Judicial Information Service. Do not forget to enclose a copy of your ID.

You have received a final rejection? You can object to this decision. We have handled many cases who received a VOG after a procedure. It is sensible to bring in a lawyer for this. We handle very many procedures after a final rejection. It is primarily important that you take steps immediately, so you can appeal in time.

In many cases a good description of the circumstances and events surrounding the offence, combined with a demonstrable change in conduct, will suffice for obtaining a Certificate of Conduct (VOG) after all.

You can contact our lawyers without obligation. We will submit your case to a lawyer without charge.

About Certificate of Conduct

Certificate of Conduct is the online service point where you can apply for a Certificate of Conduct easily and quickly. No need to go to the town hall, no long queues and no complicated forms. We will prepare the application form for you, you just need to confirm it and your application will be sent to The Justis Service, part of the Ministry of Justice and Security.

We help both companies and employees in obtaining a certificate through a simple and efficient online solution.

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